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Latest news:

  • 2016 March 7:I've just updated the courses in my Teaching portfolio--see the tab above. Links to syllabi are now available for most courses.
  • 2015 August 25:I'm happy to report that my proposal for an Engaged Anthropology Grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation was successful. This funding will support the preparation of four workshops with some of the key communities and organizations that participated in my research in Guatemala, as well as the printing and distribution of a multilingual research report that will contribute a lasting, tangible record of the alternative historical memories of Guatemala that are offered by Maya peoples.
  • 2015 May 1:I'm excited to announce that I have accepted a one-year position as Visiting Assistant Professor at Pomona College in Claremont, California. Stay tuned for more news about upcoming classes and research projects!
  • 2015 January 24:I've added a syllabus for my Anthropology of Food & Eating class -- check it out on the Teaching tab! I've also switched over from Dropbox to for hosting my syllabi, so hopefully those links won't get broken so often.
  • 2014 November 20: My paper proposal for the 2015 meeting of the Latin American Studies Association (in San Juan, Puerto Rico!) has been accepted into the Track on Human Rights and Memories. The paper is titled "Reclaiming truth through memory: The role of epistemic authority in Guatemala’s genocide debates."
  • 2014 November 13: I'll be presenting the draft of my article "Memory Offensives & Offensive Memories: The Recuperation of Historical Memory in Guatemala" today at the University of Michigan SocioCultural (Anthropology) Workshop.
  • 2014 October 13: I've recently revamped the Teaching and Research entries on this site. Engagement and Writing are up next, along with a queue of updates to my blog.
  • 2014 October 10: I have been invited to co-author the entry on "Memory" for the upcoming Wiley-Blackwell International Encyclopedia of Anthropology. Another writing project for the coming winter!